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elon musk smokes joint

Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Absolutely fed up with and sickened by new music pushed down his throat by the Illuminati, Elon Musk decided to blow 100 billion on a journey into space seeking “alien music.”

Due to fake-smoking a J on Joe Rogan’s podcast, Musk didn’t immediately come to the realization that today’s music is hot garbage.

But recently after an absolute bender with Dr. Fauci discussing Neuralink, Musk was shocked to feel something different while listening to Cardi B.

“The fuck am I doing with my life,” said Musk.

“I’ve done more than anyone for humanity in the last few decades, but it feels like something is missing.”

Musk immediately cannonballed a FourLoko and hopped in the capsule of SpaceX Dragon.

The countdown barely reached “3” before the rocket began its ascent, a dangerous but necessary move as he could barely stand an extra 2 seconds on this planet.

“There has to be some rock out there,” said Musk, citing WMMR’s utter failure to produce.

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