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If you are a booking agent or promoter, it can be difficult to find bands with any quality talent or soul.

Music these days has been trending toward utter crap, but it’s possible to discover music that keeps it true to the roots.

One such band is Night Mission, a Philadelphia classic style heavy metal and hard rock band that comes out of the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal.

Night Mission band photo - bridge leaning

One of the standout characteristics of this genre are the power falsetto vocals (think Rob Halford, Geoff Tate) and the twin guitar harmonies.

For one, it’s difficult to sing, and sing well live which is why most people can’t find a truly talented lead singer.

Same with guitar – it actually takes practice to be able to deliver quality music especially in a live setting.

Harmonies? Singing in tune?

The average “growling” metal band has no concept of the greatness found in this type of music.

The goal should be to create something pleasing to the ear that is unique and has soul.

Songwriting is essential and few bands take the time to put the effort into it.

Night Mission is the best band in Philly because they are dedicated to their craft, practice like it’s their job, and spend hours in the songwriting lab trying to create something memorable.

The original song, Drinkin’ on Mars, has become a bit of a hit and continues to gain attention from local radio.

When you need to book a band that can deliver a great draw, shows up as a professional support act, or can even headline a major show, you want to call Night Mission.

Make the call.

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